My Mouth is Faster than my Brain

December 31

Loaded up a box of stuff from myself and the boyfriend and donated it to Goodwill. Will likely do that again in the spring :)

December 30

went wedding dress shopping with a friend today. it was interesting. saw a few Id like to try on myself one day. maybe because the wedding thing seems to far off I think trying them on though would be SO weird! I coordinated the whole day though so she wouldnt have to worry about anything. Is it part of my bridesmaid duties, perhaps, but her maid of honor and mother were clueless. I stepped up and made it happen. As it turns out she bought a dress that day :)

December 29

I left coupons all ove Publix today for things I decided to not buy. I hope someone got use of them!

December 28

Dropped my car off to get a dent fixed today. Will be car less for 4 days. Good times. Not in a mood to be pleasant, but I made sure at lunch I was engaging to the guy that sat next to me at the bar. Its nice to be polite :)

December 27

gave myself the gift of health. went to the dentist for a cleaning and had a mammogram. here’s some TMI - I have fibrous breasts and they had to do extra pics cause it goes up to my chest wall. Hurts like hell.

December 26

Played trivia last night. Brought the trivia host a bag of cookies from home. He was pretty jazzed. He’s a good guy. 

December 25

as a gift that no one would ever know, i held my tongue while attending a family occasion. there are plenty of things I would have normally volunteered. things that would not be in favor of certain people. But instead I gave the gift of non-judgement. 

December 24

Visited with one of my oldest friends. She is a single mom of 3 girls. I try to make sure the girls know me and help my friend out with things her kids may need. Made 3 little girls happy and a happier mom :)

December 23

Today i hosted my 1st holiday dinner. I volunteered. Not necessarily ready for it but I survived. 

December 22

I let someone go ahead of me in line at the grocery. 

December 21

went to lunch with a friend. tipped 50% :)

December 20

I have a friend that has a 10 yr old son. He is a special kid. This year he said he didn’t want any Christmas present because he had everything he wanted. Nice! In lieu of a “real” gift, I’m donating to the ASPCA in his name, so we can both share in some generosity :)

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December 19

Today I am giving the gift of life! Im donating blood for the 1st time in 18 yrs. Im not a fan of the process nor needles. So this is kinda a big deal. 


Will not do that ever again. Flight almost beat Fight.

December 18

Making my usual run to Starbucks on Tuesday mornings, I bought a coworker a coffee. She was excited and appreciative :)

December 17

I am currently miffed with the BF. Despite this, I still researched a hotel for him, booked it and printed out directions to and from hotel to set. He’s headed to MIA to film an episode of Graceland

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